Free Health Info, Logging, and Electronic Profiles through SMS

Shorten wait times at health care providers, educate on best health practices, and keep a record of health data to prevent problems and outbreaks all without internet access.

What can it do without internet access?

A whole lot actually.

Health Info Database

Ask and you shall recieve. The Standard Health database is vast and easy to understand, just text it a question and get a easy to understand answer back fast!

Preventative Treatment

The Standard Health service can be used to identify users with potential health problems such as diabetes and mitigate them through helpful nutrition and exercise suggestions.

Resource Allocation

Query statistics and logging info (de-identified) can be used by researchers and care organizations to more effectively distribute food and health care products. Can also be used to generate population controlled heat maps.

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Electronic Health Profiles

Each user on Standard health gets a EHP created for them. This shortens doctor visit times as all of the basic info is already available. All health visits are also logged to ensure treatment plans are working.

Health Logging

Users can store their food and exercise data by texting Standard Health with the type of food or exercise. This allows them, doctors, and researchers to identify problems and mitigate them quickly.

Healthcare Locator

For more severe injuries and conditions, Standard Health will provide the user with the location of the nearest health care establishment. It will also notify the establishment as well.

How does this work?

Hint: Its super simple.

User texts the phone # for their language

Each language gets one phone number that can be texted from any device (smart, dumb, or otherwise). All communication and commands to Standard Health can be done through this phone number. Users are uniquely identified by their phone number, meaning qualified healthcare providors can access the data (with the patients permission) can give better treatment.

The service replies with more info

When the user's text arrives at the servers, it is processed and the nessecary info is sent back. If it is a health question the db is queried, if it is a new doctor location query the server sends back the closest doctor to the users location. The serivce texts the user with a friendly message with the answer to the query, directions to the nearest healthcare provider, or with a confirmation saying a profile or piece of data was saved. That's it!